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Relieving Dental Anxiety: Exploring Your Options

Does the idea of visiting the dentist cause your heart rate to elevate, your breathing rate to increase, and your palms to get a little sweaty? If so, you could be experiencing what is known as dental anxiety. This very common issue has caused many people to avoid getting the dental care that they need. Thankfully, it is possible to overcome you anxiety issues so that you can maintain a beautiful and healthy smile. Below you will learn about a few of the options that are available to help you overcome the anxiety you feel when visiting the dentist.

Consider A Consultation Only Appointment

For many people, dental anxiety stems from the fear of the unknown. This is especially true for individuals who will be visiting a new dentist or who are scheduled to undergo a new dental procedure that they are unfamiliar with. For these individuals, the ability to arm themselves with more information can often be all it takes to ease their anxiety. One of the most effective ways to do this is through the use of a consultation only appointment. During this type of appointment, you will be given the opportunity to tour the office and speak with the dentist regarding your upcoming care. Since no dental work will be done during the appointment, many people find that it is much easier to relax during a consultation versus a traditional dentist appointment.

When the time comes to schedule an appointment for a dental exam or procedure, the information that you have gathered and the trust you have built during your consultation will help to ease any anxiety that you may feel.

Be Prepared To Distract Yourself

If your anxiety stems from the actual dental procedures that you require, coming prepared to distract yourself can help in eliminating any anxiety that you feel. For instance, rather than watching as the dentist drills your tooth in order to repair a cavity, you may wish to watch a movie or television show on your mobile device. Bringing a pair of headphones so that you can listen to music can also help greatly by limiting or even eliminating your ability to hear the dental equipment that your dentist will be using.

Consider The Use Of Sedation Dentistry

If you suffer from severe anxiety that cannot be managed using the methods described above, you may wish to consider the use of sedation dentistry services. Using these services, you will be able to overcome the impact that your anxiety has on your dental care through the use of prescription sedatives in order to relax you during your visit.

The strength of the sedatives that you will receive will depend upon the severity of your anxiety and any physical symptoms that this anxiety may cause. While most patients will receive a mild sedative that allows them to remain awake during the procedure, full anesthesia may be used in severe cases. Generally speaking, dentists will always choose to administer the mildest sedative possible to achieve the desired result.

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