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Are Dental Implants Painful?

Getting dental implants might be concerning if you're not a fan of pain. After all, you're having some pretty serious hardware placed into your gums. If you've ever avoided going to the dentist because you're nervous about pain, you might have considered skipping out on dental implants for the same reason. However, you shouldn't worry about this. Here's how your dentist will ensure that you don't experience any pain from dental implants.

During the Procedure

While you're having your dental implants put in place, your dentist will do two very important things to ensure that you're not in any pain.

The first is to numb the area with novocaine or another pain reliever. This will prevent you from feeling anything, even if they performed the procedure while you were conscious — which they won't.

That's the second step that will ensure that you're not hurting. Your dentist will place you under general anesthesia, which is essentially like sleep. You won't feel anything while the procedure is being performed, and you won't be woken up until it's over.

Following the Procedure

Now, you might be worried about what's going to happen once the general anesthesia and the novocaine wear off. Not to worry — your dentist has that avenue covered, too.

Your dentist will likely send you home with pain relievers that are taken orally. It's important that you follow the directions on these precisely and don't skip or double up on doses. These are serious pain relievers that can make you feel drowsy or dizzy, so be careful while you're on them. However, the good news is that they'll also ensure that you don't feel even a lick of discomfort while you're waiting for your mouth to heal.

In the Long-Term

In the long run, once the healing process is complete, dental implants won't cause you any pain. They're designed to work like real teeth, so just like a real tooth, you can bite and chew on them without feeling anything unpleasant. In fact, you're probably going to feel much more comfortable than you do now, as chewing directly on your gums isn't the most comfortable thing in the world. Your new dental implants will put a stop to that, and your gums will be able to fully recover and relax as a result.

Dental implants are a favored way of replacing missing teeth for a reason. Although many people are afraid of pain in the dentist's chair, the average dentist will go above and beyond to make sure that you don't actually experience any pain at all, and this includes having dental implants put in place.