Improving Your Dental Care

That Aching Tooth: Does It Need Dental Care?

Do you have an aching tooth that may need dental care? If your tooth pain persists no matter what you do, your dentist is a professional you can count on to help you feel better. However, not all oral pain requires professional dental care. You can always make an appointment with your dentist for an exam if you're unsure of your dental health and use this guide as well to help you determine just what your dental needs are.

Your pain is making it hard to eat

Is your dental pain so severe that it's hard to eat or drink normally? If so, you may have an exposed nerve that is causing you pain and you need dental intervention. Your dentist will examine your mouth to see why your tooth hurts and give you treatment based on their findings.

Your pain is attached to a damaged tooth

Can you locate exactly which tooth is hurting? If so, your dentist can work with you to keep your oral health strong. Your tooth may be hurting because of a dead or dying tooth or because there's a chip or crack in the tooth, which requires immediate dental care. Your dentist will give you more insight as to why your tooth is damaged, and they can make repairs since the tooth cannot heal itself.

Your pain is worsening instead of improving

Is your dental pain getting worse instead of getting better? This can be a sign that your tooth is dying or that there may be nerve pain deep under the tooth. Instead of trying to manage your dental pain on your own, try visiting your dentist to give you the care you need so you can treat your underlying issue effectively. Worsening dental pain is often an indicator that a tooth is getting worse, so the sooner you get the problem treated, the better.

Your pain is suddenly gone

Have you been in excruciating dental pain and suddenly your pain has gone away for no reason? This can actually be a worse thing rather than a better one. If a tooth suddenly stops aching out of nowhere, it might be a sign that the tooth has died. A dead tooth will have to be removed, so see your dentist right away to see if this is the case. If you have a dead tooth, it can cause surrounding teeth to decay, so even if your dental pain has ceased, it's wise to see a dentist.