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All You Need To Know About Dental Implant Procedures

Dental implants are placed in your mouth and jaw and mainly used when you lose teeth. Dental implants look and feel like your natural teeth. This helps them preserve the aesthetic appearance and overall structure of your mouth by preventing your teeth from moving from their natural positions. Here is a look at the procedure involved in getting dental implants.

Steps in Getting a Dental Implant

The first step to getting an implant is for your dentist to determine whether you are the right candidate. The procedure might take place at the office of the dentist under anesthesia. However, you may be referred to a general hospital, depending on your oral health needs and the severity of the surgery. 

The process of getting implants involves three phases: placing the implant, attaching the post, and attaching the crown. During the first phase, you shall undergo surgery for the implant to be placed in your jaw and covered with gum tissue. The dentist will wait for your gum tissue to integrate into your jawbone, which may take a few months. 

The next step is for your dentist to attach a post to your implant. The gum tissue will be left to grow around your gums. The implant and post will be placed simultaneously. The implant and post act as anchors for your replacement tooth. Finally, your dentist will attach a crown to your implant post.

After The Procedure

After the procedure, you will have some discomforts such as minor bleeding and swelling of the gums. You may also have bruising of gums and skin and pain at the site of the implant. Your dentist will give you antibiotics and pain medication after surgery.

You should consult your dentist if the discomfort persists days after the surgery. After the surgery, you may also be required to eat soft foods to allow the surgical site to heal. After the site heals, your dentist will remove the stitches.

In most cases, dental implant procedures are successful. However, the bone may fail to fuse with the implant. For example, smoking can lead to implant complications and failure. In such cases, the implant will be removed, and the bone cleaned up. Afterward, the dentist may ask you to come back for another procedure after a few months. 

The procedure of getting dental implants takes a few months and may require more than one procedure. You should follow the dentist's instructions after you get dental implants. These include brushing and flossing twice daily and avoiding teeth staining habits such as smoking and drinking wine and coffee.