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4 Important Benefits Your Child Might Receive From Wearing Braces

If your child has teeth that are out of alignment, you may be debating on braces. The decision may not be easy if the alignment doesn't look too bad to you, especially since braces can be expensive. However, you don't want to base your decision on just the appearance of your child's teeth. Braces could improve your child's life in other ways and be well worth the investment. Here are four benefits of braces.

1. Improved Speech

Speech is complex. Your tongue and teeth have to be in alignment and work together for clear enunciation. When teeth are not aligned properly, your child may have difficulty making certain sounds necessary for clear speech. If teeth are crowded, there might not be enough room for your child's tongue to work properly for clear speech.

Your child might develop a speech impediment that could be improved or prevented with braces. A visit to an orthodontist is probably a good idea so you understand whether your child's misaligned teeth would have a negative impact on their speech development.

2. Fewer Dental Problems

It's hard for kids to brush and floss their teeth properly and protect them from cavities and gum disease when they are not aligned. If your child never wears braces, this problem could continue into their adult life and give them ongoing problems with dental disease.

Although it may be difficult to brush well when your child is wearing braces, once the braces are off and the teeth are straight, your child can maintain better oral hygiene and prevent the pain and problems associated with tooth decay or gum disease.

3. Relief From Teeth Grinding And TMJ

Misaligned teeth can cause a number of complications. They may contribute to TMJ pain. By wearing braces, your child's teeth are kept in alignment and this relieves constant stress and irritation on the jaw joint. Aligning your child's teeth might prevent problems with TMJ as an adult.

Braces help with the alignment of your child's teeth and jaws, and when your child's mouth is in proper alignment, your child might experience fewer headaches and fewer problems with teeth grinding. When you're thinking about whether braces are a good investment for your child, keep in mind that the effects of braces could benefit your child well into adulthood.

4. Improved Ability To Chew

Your child might avoid hard foods or foods difficult to chew when their teeth are out of alignment. By wearing braces that gradually move teeth to their proper positions, your child will be able to chew better and eat a wider range of foods. This could contribute to a healthier diet and improved health from eating a variety of nutritious foods as a child and adult.

An orthodontist considers more than just the appearance of the front teeth when deciding if your child needs braces. Braces can straighten front teeth for a beautiful smile, but aligning back teeth is important too so your child can chew well, speak clearly, and avoid unnecessary pain. Contact an orthodontist for more information.