Improving Your Dental Care

Why Dental Implants Are Better Than Dentures

While dental implants became readily available in 1952, many adults have stuck with the dentures they had prior. Oftentimes, this is because people do not realize they can switch from dentures to implants. If you are one of the many people becoming frustrated with your dental problems, there are options to improve your quality of life.

Common Problems With Dentures

  • They pop out of place.
  • They require adhesive.
  • They must be removed for cleaning daily.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • They are healthier for your jaw.
  • They have a natural look.
  • They offer stability.
  • They maintain their functionality.
  • They are a permanent solution.

Implants are inserted into your jaw, which offers you more stability and your gums are less likely to recede. It also means that food is unlikely to become trapped, thereby leading to infection and soreness. You brush your teeth the same way you would before implants, so there is no adhesive to mess with or soaking overnight. In short, implants work similar to real teeth, offering high functionality and a natural look.

What to Know Before Proceeding

Before you visit your dentist, it is best to understand what is required with obtaining dental implants. The most important aspect is the length of time you will need to wait from starting the process to finish. If you are switching from dentures to implants, you will often need a bone graft done due to changes in your jawbone. Your teeth prevent your gums from recessing and they keep your jaw in shape. However, dentures do not leave anything in the gums for the implants to hold onto and be fastened into. Therefore, it is possible that you will have to wait several months for your jaw to heal following a graft before the implant process can begin.

Questions to Consider

When you consult with your dentist, have them walk you through all the options you have based on your oral history. You will want someone who is experienced with people switching from dentures to implants. It is possible to eat the same foods you used to and converse without the constant fear of your dentures coming unglued. Don't be afraid to ask about your implant options. You should also discuss any concerns you have before and after the procedure with your dentist. There are always possible complications, so make sure you ask questions and get as much information as possible before proceeding with the procedure. 

For more information on dental implants, talk to your dentist.