Self papering. How to wallpaper without mistakes? Basics and a way more interesting things

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From time to time probably you thinking how can I put the wallpaper on the walls in the office. Albeit that action looks to you to be much more complex than colouring the walls, for sure, it should not take a way more time and care.

Do not skip the part of preparing the fances – of this thing hinge the durability of cladding. It is important to previously choose the paper, and then pick to them a kind of adhesive. The substrate under the paper must be sound, clean, dry and nice. By the way, you should start by cleaning it with rest of old colour or paper. Depending on the place we have to choose the appropriate type. Let’s assume that we need to do repairs in the office. Among the types especially interesting are those of the cities. Between the European major is the Eiffel tower wallpaper. Easiest treatment is the paper interlining. They consist of two parts – a bottom fleece, and the second of paper and even plastic.

Binder just lubricates the walls, and paper after unwound from the rest instantly connect to the wall. In the office wallpaper is to encourage to doing – check . After preparing the ground, we can work to stick paper.

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We measure the length from the ceiling to the floor and cut to size wallpaper. It is important that the paper was a couple cms longer for the final settlement and cutting. After that we put off the angled piece on a firstly prepared spot and lubricant. The best use for this tuft and remembering to put the glue from the inside to the outside. Particular attention can be paid to the edges of the paper. Thanks to that our office wallpaper should look amazing. Wallpapering mainly start from the corner. We attach the paper to stick on the fance and down all the time to consider the wallpaper was vertically regulated. Often we break stick and roller inquiry paper to the fance moving from the center toward the edges of the paper.

With patience and good eye, the wallpaper should serve and adorn your room for long months to come.

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