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Should Cost Be The Only Factor To Consider When Getting Dental Implants?

Before visiting a dentist, most people consider the cost of the service. It costs an average of $2,488 to get dental implants. Unfortunately, most insurance companies don't cover dental implants, tempting most patients to seek affordable dental implants. 

So, your budget determines how much you can spend at the dentists. However, you should consider more than cost. Cheap dental implants aren't always the best solution. Here are reasons to avoid cheap dental implant offers.

You Risk Your Health

It is hard to get quality services at a throwaway price. Cheap dental implants mostly compromise the quality of implants. Therefore, there isn't a guarantee that getting the implant will improve your oral health and yield positive outcomes.

Additionally, cheap dental implants could comprise the quality of aftercare. After the procedure, you will need to take some time to heal. Low-quality implants may take longer to heal, and with no dentist available to help with aftercare, you risk your oral and general health.

High Risk of Nerve Damage

You should only have your implant procedure done by a certified professional who uses quality implant material. Opting for budget dental implants can cause nerve damage after the procedure, making everyday tasks like talking and eating painful.

Often, cheap dental implants use low-quality material or are done by unqualified dentists. Due to limited knowledge of the procedure, they may overlook some serious underlying issues like jaw bone loss to offer services proportional to the cost. The repercussions will be nerve damage or other severe dental problems.

The Implant May Fracture, Break, or Fail to Integrate

Most dental implant procedures use titanium implants because they are biocompatible and durable. Unfortunately, cheap dental implants are made of different material, which is less reliable and weak. Therefore, they can easily break and fracture, especially if you have a low bone density that the dentist didn't correct before placement surgery.

Additionally, while dental implants boast a high success rate, cheap dental implants may fail to integrate. For dental implant integration to be successful, your jawbone should fuse to the new implant posts through osseointegration. When the jaw fails to fuse, the integration fails, and so do the implants.

Why Risk Your Oral Health?

Although dental implants procedure may be expensive, they are a worthwhile investment. Dental implants improve your quality of life and restore normal teeth functionality. Invest in an experienced dentist and choose quality dental implants. Cheap implants could cost more as you try to reverse the above problems after the procedure. Choose an experienced specialist and get your dental implants done right!

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